The Western countries may be besotted with coffee. However, the Asians still manage to be mesmerized with exotic and aromatic brews of tea. Take the case of Japan. The Matcha Tea is possibly the finest variety of green tea and it is found and cultivated in Japan. However, the Japanese people think it deeply ritualistic to hold an elaborate ceremony before they drink the tea. This is known in the country as the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It is a grand event which is also known, in Japanese, as Chanoyu or Chado. This ceremony is held in common tea gatherings in the country.

China and India are cited as countries where tea has never lost its popularity. However, in Japan, the tea became popular quite late. In the 9th Century, the Buddhist monk Eichu served the tea rather ceremoniously to Emperor Saga who was on the Japanese throne. However, it would be a while before the interest in tea would take shape again. The rituals for serving the tea to people at the gathering are quite traditional. The tea leaves or powdered leaves are boiled in water. Then, they are stirred together to let the aroma and flavor be consistent in the brew of tea.

After this, the tea is finally served in bowls to the people who have gathered. The events are held in the frosty winter months when the tea leaves are actually harvested. Several rituals like those with kimonos and other outfits and props have become a part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.