The pumpkin is not just an insipid tasting vegetable which is sliced and diced up in Halloween. Doctors have discovered many essential health benefits of pumpkin. However, if the vegetable is itself so healthy, its seeds are also quite nutritious. Pumpkin seeds are being sold in packets in supermarkets and departmental stores. Dietitians also recommend eating pumpkin seeds. Here are some of the main health benefits which one can gain by eating these seeds.

1.Protects The Prostate: Pumpkin seeds are prescribed by doctors as the best antidote to prostate problems. If someone is suffering from the troubles of an enlarged prostate and difficulties in passing urine, pumpkin seeds will help to provide a lot of relief to such a person.

2.Keeps Bladder Healthy: While pumpkin seeds solve the prostate problems, they also keep the urinary bladder healthy as well. The pumpkin seeds are known for keeping the bladder healthy and active in passing urine.

3.Cures Depression: Pumpkin seeds have rich deposits of L-Tryptophan. This is an organic chemical compound that helps to alleviate symptoms of mental depression and anxiety.

4.Cures Osteoporosis: People suffer from Osteoporosis mainly because they are taking in less zinc. Pumpkin seeds contain large quantities of zinc and other healthy minerals as well.

5.Fights Inflammation: Pumpkin seeds are better than anti-inflammatory drugs in curing inflammations on skin.

6.Rich In Magnesium: People can’t get enough of magnesium in their diet. But eating pumpkin seeds will provide more than 92% of the total magnesium requirement to people.