Onions are not the usual vegetables. They are actually bulb-like herbs which sprout skywards from the earth. The onion is a frequently used ingredient for delicacies in both the West and East. But like other herbs, it also has some valuable medicinal properties. In the ancient battlefields, the warriors used onions as antidotes to pain and injuries. So, it is obvious that onions, whose volatile juices cause profuse watering of the eyes, have manyhealth benefits. Since old times, an onion was the solution to the common problems of cough and bronchitis. It is also considered as a natural disinfectant as well.

There are other valuable health benefits of the onions as well. They contain good doses of fructo-oligosaccharides which will help in destroying toxins and bacterial parasites in the colon. Thus, the ordinary-looking onion can help to ward off colon cancer. Moreover, it is rich in sulfides which are also present in garlics. Garlics and onions have been found to havehealth benefits for problems of high blood pressure. Thus, they are also capable of preventing the onset of the coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. They have sufficient flavonoids which are known to protect the heart against the ailments.

The onions have already been proved to cure the problems of toxins which cause colon cancer. But onions can also fight off other cancers as well as many degenerative diseases. This is because the onion is rich in anti-oxidants that will destroy the malignant free radicals from tissues and organs.