Do you know that if you sit silently for even 10 minutes and meditate calmly, you will be doing yourself a favor? That is right. Meditation, the practice or closing one’s eyes and remaining quiet for some time, has a number of benefits for physical and mental health of the people. A number scientific studies and research sessions have proved that mere 10 minutes of meditation can help to improve academic performance in students by increasing levels of concentration and comprehension as well. So, as many will agree, meditation has such good benefits for the mind. But it has other benefits for the body as well.

In Asian countries like India and China, meditation has been found by doctors, scientists and others as an excellent cure for mental stress. People, who suffer from high blood pressure levels, may also fall prey to nervousness, anxiety and stress. Meditation helps to bring the blood pressure levels under great control. Moreover, further studies and surveys have also evidenced that half-an-hour of meditation helps to improve alertness and awareness without creating anxiety or stress in individuals. Further on, it also helps in a non-judgmental perspective or point of view in any person. So, meditation does provide such advantages to people.

Given that meditation is also about breathing slowly and leisurely, it has been found out that such meditation also keeps the respiratory system healthy and fit as well. Moreover, some of the pains in joints and muscles also fade away after a session of proper meditation.