Lettuce is truly an integral part of a diet for those, who are health-conscious. You can find lettuce in sandwiches and subs or in elaborate salads with other veggies as well. There are some health benefits, which is why lettuce has earned its place. It is considered as an excellent source of a number of vitamins. It has to be the richest source of Vitamin A. A minimum 100gm of raw lettuce will give you approximately 250% of Vitamin A and other sub-vitamins as well. This means that eating lettuce and other leafy vegetables is good for your eyesight and skin.

Other than Vitamin A, lettuce also contains many essential B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin K as well. These nutrients provide an array of health benefits. Vitamin K helps in increasing and repairing bone mass in the body and in circulation processes. Vitamin C helps to ward off free radicals and keep the teeth and skin healthy. Vitamin K also helps to reverse the neural damage wrought by Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, Zeaxanthin helps to delay age-related eyesight problems by providing anti-oxidants for the retinal parts of the eyes. So, lettuce has such good health benefits.

Apart from these vitamins, lettuce has many quintessential minerals. It offers potassium that helps in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. Moreover, it has folates which help in preventing neural-tube defects in children who are yet to be born. So, lettuce is a vegetable which is packed with great qualities.