Lentils are the pulses and legumes which make up a part of our regular diet. Lentils like Bengal gram are widely used in Indian and Mediterranean cuisines. They are found to be high in valuable proteins. They are also rich in dietary fibers and they have no fats or cholesterol. So, it is obvious that lentils are very healthy to eat. If you take more of lentils and legumes, there are some great health benefits for you.

Here are some of these health benefits.

1. Improves Heart Health: The legumes and lentils are found to be rich in fibers. So, they help to reduce risks of coronary heart disease and high cholesterol as well. There are also deposits of magnesium which is good for the heart.

2. Cures Blood Sugar: With rich deposits of dietary fibers, there will be faster metabolism of sugar in the blood. This means that the levels of sugar are under control and stable. So, eating more of lentils helps in faster sugar metabolism.

3. Iron Content: For vegetarians, legumes and lentils are the best sources of iron. Instead of eating meat, eating lentils will help to replenish the hemoglobin levels in the body.

4. Rich In Vitamins: Lentils are an extensive source of essential vitamins like K, E and other essential phosphates and folates as well.

5. Reduces Cholesterol: The high fiber content helps to bring down cholesterol levels.

6. Rich In Proteins: Vegetarians can have more of lentils instead of meat to replenish the protein level in your body.