Among all the vegetables that we eat, one usually talks a lot about leafy vegetables being the best deal. Along with veggies like lettuce and spinach, vegetables like cauliflowers and broccolis are also considered as healthy and nutritious. Recently, there has been another vegetable which has won a lot of praise. This is the vegetable of kale. Kale is being prized for the immense health benefits that it offers.

1. Low In Fat, High In Fiber: Like other vegetables of its kind, kale is also quite high in dietary fiber while being low in fat and calories. A single cup of the vegetable would give you 5 grams of fiber. Fiber is good for the body.

2. Rich In Iron: More than mutton or beef, kale provides a rich source of irons without any harmful calories. Iron is mainly important for upping the hemoglobin levels in blood which helps in transporting oxygen to different organs. Moreover, iron also helps in keeping other organs and tissues healthy.

3. High In Vitamin K: Vitamin K in kale helps to prevent blood clotting and the occurrence of cancers. It also prevents the problems of arthritis in the body.

4. Antioxidants: The antioxidants in kale help to destroy free radicals and UV radiation that may cause some devastating and harmful cancers as well.

5. Vitamins C and A: Vitamin A helps in restoring eyesight and preventing eye problems. Vitamin C protects and improves skin, teeth, bones and muscles.

6. Omega Acids: The rich deposits of omega acids in kale cure most of the main inflammations and muscular pains.