Bruce Lee, a Chinese American actor, was admired as the most popular martial artist as well as pop culture artist of twentieth century. He started taking nutritious and healthy foods soon after arriving at America. His interest developed for the protein rich drinks, health foods and mineral and vitamin supplements to attain high performing body. According to Lee junk foods are wrong fuel for a body as they can make it sloppy and sluggish. He also avoided calorie foods like baked refined flour stuffs that were not suitable for his body.

Bruce Lee liked to consume fruits and green vegetables alongwith his favorite Chinese and Asian foods due to his passion for their variety. beef in oyster sauce, steak and liver and tofu are some of the Lee’s favorite Chinese dishes. He also supported dietary supplements rich in Lecithin granules, Vitamin C, Shilajit, bee pollen, rose hips, Vitamin E, B-Folia, Acerola – C and wheat germ oil.

The dairy products were not liked by Lee though he recognized them as essential for building muscles. Resultantly he ate dairy ingredients as protein drinks and cereals alongwith he used to take, instead of fresh milk, non-instant powdered milk which is reported to have a higher quantity of calcium than other nutrients. Instead of taking a couple of large meals Lee used to take four or five smaller meals including fruits and small healthy snacks during the whole day which helped in boosting his metabolism. Black tea with honey or with sugar and milk were also Lee’s favorite drinks.