Hello friends and welcome to NaturalOne my own personal blog about living life the natural way! This might sound strange coming from someone who has a blog about living healthy but only a few years ago I was doing the complete opposite. I was not excersising, eating badly, drinking, smoking and generally not taking care of myself. I began to feel pretty bad about myself, depression started sitting in and soon enough I found myself quite unhappy. People all around me were getting sick, overweight, underweight, unhealthy and basically in the same state of mind I was in.

It was time for a change and I began to do some research for myself and started with cutting out all junk food and anything that comes from a box. I believe that many of the diseases we have today in North America come from processed food. It’s quite a terrible thing especially for me growing up on a small Island with hundreds of farmers around growing fresh organic food while instead your eating something that was produced in a factory or pumped full of chemicals.

Tea was one salvation for me which quickly replaced my daily coffee, the Japanese people have been drinking it for centuries and I have the utmost respect for them. Many of the cancers we have in North America they do not have.. why? It could possibly be from Tea or living a more healthy lifestyle. This cannot be found out for sure but in my mind I believe its true that people here just eat bad. You can blame it on all the fast food resturants (which I NEVER visit), you can blame it on all the processed food but its your body and your mind and only you can choose.

Take care of your body, mind and very soul for it will treat you good and you will be happy!