Health Benefits of Lemon Water

lemon water04 150x150 Health Benefits of Lemon WaterLemon water is the tasty, tangy and slightly sweet beverage that is so preferred in hot summer afternoons. It is easy to make as well. Juice from lemons is mixed in water with dissolved sugar and salt. The resulting drink instantly refreshes you and it is way better than most soft-drinks or fruit juices. However, do you know that lemon water is also good for health? Here are some of the main health benefits of lemon water. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds pepitas1 150x150 Health Benefits of Pumpkin SeedsThe pumpkin is not just an insipid tasting vegetable which is sliced and diced up in Halloween. Doctors have discovered many essential health benefits of pumpkin. However, if the vegetable is itself so healthy, its seeds are also quite nutritious. Pumpkin seeds are being sold in packets in supermarkets and departmental stores. Dietitians also recommend eating pumpkin seeds. Here are some of the main health benefits which one can gain by eating these seeds. Continue reading

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Kimono Japanese Tea Ceremony 150x150 Japanese Tea CeremonyThe Western countries may be besotted with coffee. However, the Asians still manage to be mesmerized with exotic and aromatic brews of tea. Take the case of Japan. The Matcha Tea is possibly the finest variety of green tea and it is found and cultivated in Japan. However, the Japanese people think it deeply ritualistic to hold an elaborate ceremony before they drink the tea. This is known in the country as the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It is a grand event which is also known, in Japanese, as Chanoyu or Chado. This ceremony is held in common tea gatherings in the country. Continue reading

Exercise To Prevent Depression and Anxiety

Exercise Can Reduce Anxiety in Women SS Exercise To Prevent Depression and AnxietyDepression and anxiety are emotions and feelings which one can never get rid of permanently. This is because it is in nature of human beings to think and ponder over a number of matters. Later, these matters end up making people feel depressed or sad. However, for long, it has been said that exercise helps to cure depression. Merely running for a short distance or punching some blows on a punch bag will help you to feel uplifted in spirits. However, there is a particular way in which you actually get rid of stress and anxiety when you do your exercises. Continue reading

Ways To Find Relaxation From Stress

2608487899 2a5bde4e22 150x150 Ways To Find Relaxation From StressStress is something that can come in our lives without knowing when or how. You may feel stress due to the pressure of work and responsibilities. Or you may experience stress and anxiety when confronted with difficulties and tragic situations. So, if you wish to find a respite from stress, you can try a breathing exercise. In this exercise, you intend to breathe more fresh air and oxygen. When you breather fully by exhaling air in the abdomen through the lungs, you feel calm and relaxed. This happens as in times of stress one tends to feel short of breath and anxious as well. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Olives

olives 150x150 Health Benefits of OlivesOlives are synonymous with sumptuous spreads, salads, pesto sauce and pizzas. But they are not juts flashy ingredients for pizzas and pastas. They are fruits and vegetables which contain many essential nutrients. They come in attractive green and jet black colors. They are also fruits which become vegetables on becoming ripe. However, the olives will have a number of health benefits for minor and major ailments as well. Any olive will have good quantities of antioxidants. These antioxidants will help in destroying the free radicals in tissues and organs. These antioxidants will help to keep the body fit and free from degenerative ailments and diseases. Continue reading

Health Benefits Of Kale

kale 150x150 Health Benefits Of KaleAmong all the vegetables that we eat, one usually talks a lot about leafy vegetables being the best deal. Along with veggies like lettuce and spinach, vegetables like cauliflowers and broccolis are also considered as healthy and nutritious. Recently, there has been another vegetable which has won a lot of praise. This is the vegetable of kale. Kale is being prized for the immense health benefits that it offers. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Lettuce

lettuce 150x150 Health Benefits of LettuceLettuce is truly an integral part of a diet for those, who are health-conscious. You can find lettuce in sandwiches and subs or in elaborate salads with other veggies as well. There are some health benefits, which is why lettuce has earned its place. It is considered as an excellent source of a number of vitamins. It has to be the richest source of Vitamin A. A minimum 100gm of raw lettuce will give you approximately 250% of Vitamin A and other sub-vitamins as well. This means that eating lettuce and other leafy vegetables is good for your eyesight and skin. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Onions

onion1 150x150 Health Benefits of OnionsOnions are not the usual vegetables. They are actually bulb-like herbs which sprout skywards from the earth. The onion is a frequently used ingredient for delicacies in both the West and East. But like other herbs, it also has some valuable medicinal properties. In the ancient battlefields, the warriors used onions as antidotes to pain and injuries. So, it is obvious that onions, whose volatile juices cause profuse watering of the eyes, have manyhealth benefits. Since old times, an onion was the solution to the common problems of cough and bronchitis. It is also considered as a natural disinfectant as well. Continue reading

Health Benefits Of Whole Grains

whole grains 150x150 Health Benefits Of Whole GrainsWheat is a staple diet in a number of cuisines all over the world. Moreover, the wheat is a cereal that provides fibers and other nutritional benefits as well. However, people are used to eating refined wheat and refined wheat flour. It would be healthier if flour and other products are made of whole grain wheat. This is because whole grain wheat has many health benefits as well. Here are the main health benefits of whole wheat. Continue reading